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Dr Panagiotis Georgopoulos

Research Associate

Academic and Other Relevant Experience

I hold a BSc (graduated top) in Computer Science and Telecommunications (ATEI of Larissa, Greece, 2006), an MSc in Critical Software Engineering with Distinction (SCC, Lancaster University, UK, 2007) and a PhD in Computer Science (SCC, Lancaster University, UK, 2012). I am currently a Post Doc at the Ofelia EU FP7 research project. I have been a researcher in EU, UK and Greek wide research projects such as U2010 (FP6), Portable WLAN (JANET) and Archimedes II.

Current Role

I am a Research Associate (Post Doc) at the School of Computing and Communications in the Ofelia EU FP7 project, where we use OpenFlow (a Software Defined Networking (SDN) protocol) to develop an in-network caching service for Video-on-Demand traffic.

Security Research

My doctoral research focused on how to provide Security, Authentication-Authorization-Accounting (AAA) and Privacy to Mobile Hosts and Mobile Networks. One of the most significant reasons that current mobility protocols (such as Mobile IPv4, Mobile IPv6 or the Network Mobility Basic Support Protocol) are not widely deployed, is that secure network access and secure transmission of data for mobile wireless hosts is not ensured. I designed a Unified Architecture that allows Access Networks to provide Authentication, Authorization and Accounting to Mobile Hosts and Mobile Networks, without disregarding the security requirements of all the parties involved. Requesting and granting secure network access to constantly moving, portable, mobile devices where no prior trust has been defined is a complex task, as users require seamless and unobtrusive roaming and data security, whereas Access Networks require to provide robust Authentication, Authorization and Accounting to Mobile Hosts and Mobile Networks in a dynamic fashion.

Key Security Research Projects

  • Project : U2010 European Research Project (FP6)
  • Period : October 2007 – October 2009
  • Role : Worked on deploying innovative and secure mobile networking protocols, to support the connectivity requirements of Search and Rescue Teams whilst roaming.

Key Security and Related Publications

  • P. Georgopoulos, B. McCarthy, C. Edwards (2011). “A Collaborative AAA Architecture to Enable Secure Real-World Network Mobility”', 10th International Conference on Networking, Springer LNCS 6640, pp. 212-226.
  • P. Georgopoulos, B. McCarthy, C. Edwards (2011). “Towards a Secure and Seamless Host Mobility for the Real World”, The 8th International Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (WONS), IEEE, pp. 134-141.